Some of the most photographed attractions of Bratislava are its sculptures in human size located all over its Old Town. These statues add a modern touch to our historical center and make it even more attractive. As they are eye catching and so interesting, there are always tourists taking pictures of and with them or having fun around. You just can’t say you’ve been to Bratislava and did not take this kind of a photo :)


Most of the statues that Bratislava has become quite famous for can be found near the Main square.

Most of Bratislava statues are located around the Main square

Here are the most popular statues you should not miss during your visit:


The literal translation of the word Čumil is „the watcher.“ There are two possible explanations for its name. The first rumour says that he is a typical communist era worker who is not bothered about the work he’s supposed to be doing. According to the second rumour, he’s looking under the women’s skirts. Choose the one you like more :) This most photographed statue of our city is to be found at the junction of Laurinská and Panská streets.

Čumil is the most photographed object of our Old Town :)   Čumil is the most photographed object of our Old Town :)

Since 1997, when it was first embedded in the ground, it has become one of the symbols of our Old Town. There is a story around this man sticking out of a manhole. The story says that a wish will come true for you if you touch the head of the man – if you keep it secret forever.


This guy looks like he’s about to shoot a photo of the people around. He used to stand on the corner of Radničná and Laurinská streets, where a restaurant called Paparazzi used to function. Unfortunately when the restaurant closed down, the owners took the statue with them as it was in their ownership. Currently the city is negotiating to get it back as it is a popular tourist attraction. Foxford cafe is now in the premises of this former restaurant.

The Paparazzi statue   The Paparazzi statue


This old man is the only statue which is silver (the rest is bronze). He is also the only one made of a real existing person. His original name was Ignac Lamar and he lived in Pressburg (former name of Bratislava) at the turn of the 19th and 20thcentury.

The statue of Schone Naci

The story wouldn’t be interesting without a legend, would it? :) There is luckily one which says that he was in love with a woman who sadly did not love him back. This made him so disappointed that he went mad and was often seen giving flowers to random women he met in the streets. He always wore a hat– which you can also see on the statue. He greets people on the Sedlárska street.


This soldier can be found at the Main square, near the Old Town Hall, leaning on a bench you can sit on – and have a great photo!

The Napoleon soldier at our Main square

Napoleon and his army were in Bratislava in 1805. This soldier is supposed to have been going through Bratislava when he fell in love with a local girl, stayed in the city and became a producer of sparkling wine. He was called Hubert – which is also the name of Slovakia’s most popular sparkling wine’s brand :)

These are the most popular statues. There are some more though – hope that was good news! Just opposite the Napoleon soldier, there’s his friend– standing next to a tall thin tree, in front of a souvenir shop.

Napoleon's friend is standing in front of a souvenir shop at the Main square

If you walk to the Panská street, look for the optician shop called Fokus (it is the building number 29). Look up and you will see a small funny naked man hiding there in a hole. It is believed that this man was set there to ridicule a former owner of the building who used to spy on the passers through a small window.

Panska street   Bratislava's naked man :D   Bratislava's naked man :D

Hviezdoslav’s square has its statues, too. The most important poet in the Slovak history, Mr. Hviezdoslav (after whom the square is named), has his privileged place in the middle of the square. A few meters behind him you can find Mr Hans Christian Andersen in his beauty.

Hviezdoslav’s square and its statue of Mr. Hviezdoslav   Hviezdoslav’s square and its statue of Mr. Andersen :)

One nice statue can be also found on Obchodná street (5 minutes walk from the Old Town). It is a statue of two girls leaning on a post box, taking a break from skateboarding. By the way, the post box is a real one and still used :)

Statue on Obchodná street

There are also some private statues in front of and also inside the Eurovea shopping center and promenade. Go there if you have some spare time to walk along the Danube and the long venue with restaurants and bars (recommended) :)

Eurovea Galleria   Eurovea Galleria

Which of the Bratislava statues do you like the most? Good luck with finding them all!

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