Even if Bratislava is much smaller than majority of European capitals, it offers a generous portfolio of job opportunities for non-Slovak speakers. If you speak English fluently and in an ideal case have another interesting second language, specialize in IT or are a native English speaker with teaching experience, your chances are pretty high! There are of course jobs for other profiles, too. Where to check available job postings? Here are a couple of tips for those who are looking for a job in Bratislava!


  • Profesia.sk – the largest job directory in Slovakia and most user- and foreigner-friendly.
  • Internationals Bratislava – the organization Internationals Bratislava runs a project “Non Slovak speaking jobs in Slovakia.” Its aim is to create the biggest and clear database of international positions in Slovakia. They provide guidance for job-hunting individuals whilst cooperating with corporations, helping them find suitable candidates. They are not a hiring agency and this project is run purely on voluntary donations and voluntary work.
  • Kariera.sk – a job section of the popular Slovak portal zoznam.sk
  • Praca.sme.sk – a job section of the Slovak news portal SME
  • Volnemiesta.pravda.sk – a job section of the Slovak news portal PRAVDA
  • Ponuky.sk – somewhat cluttered interface and less used  


You can also share your CV with one of the agencies to match your profile with a suitable job opening. Below is a list of a few options operating on the Slovak job market:


Social networks can help you in your job search as well. There are several Facebook groups for foreigners – they do not necessarily focus on the job search but employees of international companies post free vacancies from time to time there. Or you can use them to ask about job opportunities through a post:

There are also some Facebook groups focused on the job search, unfortunately mostly in Slovak:


You can also join some of the job related groups at the professional social network Linked In:

We wish you good luck with your job search!
Source of the photos: Unsplash.com

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Author: Zuzana Mytna


  1. Hi good day sir / madam
    I’m basically from Nepal . currently I’m working in the Qatar my friend cercial most of people they are skilled workers so we can able to get work permit through by the you let me know about it please.
    thanks have a great day

  2. Hello HR Team
    I am looking for a part time job in Humanitarianism, Do you have any job for me serving in Humanity like Charitable organization, RedCross, UNICEF in Slovakia? I would love to join one of this.

  3. I Have vast experience with customer service..business development
    .Nd client services..i had been in the republic for 4yrs..between96 and 99.
    So inyd to find md working there..i am aware of the culture..the Places..adoptable with the weather..and Language tooo..have friends whom i can so Visit..any advise will help.me..

  4. Hi good day sir madam I’m basically from Bangladesh currently I’m staying in bangladesh my friend cercal most of people they are skilled workers so we can able to get work permit through by the you let me know about it please thanks have a nice day

  5. I am working in Dubai and looking for a job in Slovakia i am trying hard to apply for jobs but no response but agents from Dubai asking for 5000 Euros for work permits and still not sure it is real or scam.
    If someone can suggest me best ideas .
    will be thankful

  6. I am from Canada and Would like to Find Employment in Bratislava or Prague as soon as flight restrictions are lifted. I will need help to so. Please assist

    • Hi Larry, in my opinion, you should start looking for a job for large international corporations ( where is many people without speaking slovak language) – like Amazon, Swiss Re, Henkel, IBM, PwC, DELL, Next Level Pharma (my Ex worked there and they were very helpful with visa(work permit) process as well), Manpower, Siemens,….
      Also IOM (Migration Information Centre) provided many useful information and guidance when it came to foreign police and work permit..

      • Hi.. My wife is in slovakia on temporaray residence permit for her PHD on scholorship. I am applying for family reunion visa to join her there. Please tell me what can i do there? I can speak english but dnt have a degree. Plz do help me.

  7. I have recently come to live in Bratislava from the UK but only speak english. I am looking to learn Slovak but need a job somewhere in the city to start with. My wife is Slovak and works here. We live in the old town so commuting is not a problem, I come from a proffessional business background of road transport Trucks & Coaches and most recently trained as a aircraft dispatcher for Swissport. Can Anyone help or advise?

    • Hi Clive, this article contains links with the most popular job websites and communities offering jobs or info regarding jobs – now you need to dedicate time for a research and reach out to the companies and people – we wish you good luck!

  8. iam a business development engineer/manager from India having 2 yr experience in supervising,development,sales and engineering,iam having good communication skill in English,is there is any vaccancy for me please inform to my mail id: minshad87@gmail.com

  9. I’m from india i have been working at tata Starbucks since 2 years so will i get job there but I can’t speak Slovak i can speak english good and do you give me accomadation then I’ll be able to come there


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