• It is cheaper when you dial in the taxi service to order a car, rather than to stop a car that you see on the street (they have a higher rate). You can save up even half of the price sometimes this way
  • The name of the taxi service with its telephone number is written on the cars – if you can’t call, have someone call a taxi for you
  • If you are in hurry and need to stop a car, discuss the fare with the driver in advance
  • The minimum fare ranges from 3,50 € to 5 €
  • To get to the city center from the airport, it should not cost more than 10 € if you order a taxi
  • The country code for Slovakia is +421

Make sure you only take a taxi which is signed up with a taxi company. Especially when it comes to the taxi „hot spots“ such as the bus or train station, airport or the city center (Hviezdoslav’s square and the taxi spot near the Michael’s gate), you can come across individual drivers who try their luck with tourists and then charge them double or triple prices.

The waiting time for the car is usually 5-10 minutes.


  • Happy Taxi +421 2 16 223
  • Hello Taxi +421 2 16 321
  • Trend Taxi +421 2 16 302
  • Super Taxi +421 2 16 616
  • Fun Taxi +421 2 16 777

There are also Hopin In and Uber mobile applications available which you can use to call your cab, that’s also very easy and you can avoid being tricked using them. Check this post about useful mobile apps to download when in Bratislava!


There are several different ways to get to and from the Bratislava airport  and one of the cool ways that people tend to forget about is private airport transfers. This is a great way to avoid waiting for a bus with tens of other tourists and also to avoid being tricked by the taxi drivers who take advantage of the fact you are a foreigner. Instead, you can get comfortably picked up directly from the arrivals hall with myDriver! Besides, now you can get a DISCOUNT10 € OFF from your drive! All you need to do is to use the code md10 when you book the service.

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