Museum that resides at the Bratislava castle offers different exhibitions and objects from the field of national history. If you manage to climb up to the bell tower, you will be awarded with an amazing view on the whole city. Paintings, arts, sculpting and beautiful crafts is what you can admire here.


The Museum of History is seated at the castle on the castle hill. The best way is to walk there – you can take a lot of nice pictures this way :) If you don’t like walking, take the trolleybus number 203 or 207 from in front of the presidential palace. The stop you need to get on is called Hodžovo námestie. Get off at the „Hrad“ which means „castle.“

The Bratislava Castle

This is where you need to buy a ticket to the Museum of city history

The second photo pictures the cash desk where you need to purchase your ticket. It is 7 € per person for all exhibitions together. If you want to use your camera inside, they will charge you another 2 €.


There are 3 entrances for diverse exhibitions. Each part of the building looks different. That’s why we’ll write more about each separately further on.


Start with the first, short exhibition which you will find on your left side after walking through the main gate of the castle. This one is called The witness of the past and includes various discoveries on the castle.


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It won’t take much of your time– it’s just two floors.

The most interesting exhibitions – and in our opinion the absolutely most beautiful – are in this main building called The Castle Gallery.

On the ground floor there are pictures which display the reconstruction works on the castle since 2008 until present.

Pictures which display the reconstruction works on the castle since 2008   Pictures which display the reconstruction works on the castle since 2008

Moving further you will get to a a hall with amazing white walls that are decorated with golden elements.

As a cherry on the top, a red carpet covers the stairs and huge golden-framed mirrors are hung on the walls.

A long red carpet covers all the stairs

On the upper floor, there is a Music Hall which used to be a chapel in the 18th century. Usually you can find here a man playing on a huge organ. Listening to that kind of music while admiring the beauty of the architecture is spectacular.

On an upper floor there is a room with works called Bratislava Castle on the Prints.

Bratislava Castle on the Prints   Bratislava Castle on the Prints

Some of the pictures are drawn with a pencil or are black and white. The white doors which look like they lead to another room – but in fact they don’t – are quite interesting as well.

The next room which you will get to when taking the stairs again will be full of nice paintings. But you firstly need to look on your right to discover the secret tunnel to the Crown Tower.

On the first sight it looks like only a narrow tiny passage with a mirror floor – but do go downstairs and then turn left – you will find a small tunnel which will lead to the tower!

You need to get through various kinds of stairs while some of them are quite narrow and spiral:

But if you manage, you will feel great because what you are going to find up there is pretty much worth it :) A room with many windows which will offer you a fantastic view on the whole city.

And finally - the Crown Tower! :)

On the left picture there is the Kamzik tower at Koliba which you can see in the very back on the hill.

View from the Crown Tower    View from the Crown Tower

Danube river and Austria on the left picture, and the UFO tower and new bridge on the right one are seen from other windows of the Crown tower.

View from the Crown Tower    View from the Crown Tower

After you have taken all the pictures your camera could take, good luck with the stairs on the way back! Joking :D When you return to the room with paintings, you can continue with admiring what the museum has to offer :)

Beautiful paintings to admire

Beautiful paintings to admire

Beautiful paintings to admire

Finally when you get to the very top floor, there will be two last rooms and a cafe. On the left side you can find an exhibition which is a collection of photographs which our former president Rudolf Schuster took on his trips.

A collection of photographs which our former president Rudolf Schuster took on his trips

On the right side there is an exhibition named How the time was measured. Many clocks, globes, maps and books in different forms are presented here.

The    The

When you get tired after taking all the stairs, you can have a coffee and relax in the cafe on this top floor. An alternative is to take the elevator downstairs :)

After you leave the main building, head left to the third entrance which holds temporary exhibitions. At the time we took these pictures, the exhibition held there was about St Cyril and Methodius.

An exhibition about St Cyril and Methodius

This building holds various temporary exhibitions

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