Come to have a look at the 7th largest hanging bridge in the world. Get a panoramic view on the whole Bratislava from the open-air observation deck on top of its UFO-shaped cupola. Refresh yourself in a fine dining restaurant or a bar which are up there, too. But mainly – get your camera ready! Photos taken here will surely be a great memory!


To get to the UFO bridge, also called the New Bridge (Nový most) or the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Most SNP), it just takes a few minutes walk from the Old Town. The closest well known spot is the Hviezdoslav’s Square with the Slovak National Theater or St. Martin’s Cathedral.

This road bridge over the Danube connects the Old Town with another Bratislava’s borough – Petržalka. When you walk near it, you have a great view on the Castle, too.


The surrounding around the bridge itself is very romantic, great for walks (not only) in couples, but you will also see a lot of people sitting on the near-by benches, jogging or cycling. This part of the river bank is quite popular.

Even if you don’t plan to check it out closer, you will definitely see it from most of the places you visit – it is the most notable bridge of Bratislava. And not only because of its height but mainly because of its top part which is in the shape of a space ship. This photo for example is taken from the Castle’s Crown Tower:

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This „space ship“ is actually an observatory deck and serves also as a restaurant. You can get up there by an elevator which is located in one of its „legs“. The ride takes 45 seconds. To get to this leg, you can just walk from the Old Town side or the opposite end – where the Aupark shopping center stands. There is a pedestrian lane beneath the actual road overhead (the bridge is 430 m long). And you can take great pictures on the way! :)

The white arch in the back is our Apollo Bridge, and the second picture displays the St. Martin’s Cathedral from the other side of the Danube.


This very special attraction offers a panoramic view up to the distance of 100 km. One could be surprised about the fact that this impressive building is not so new despite its design – it was officially opened as the second bridge over the Danube in Bratislava already in 1972. Since then it served as an inspiration for a few other bridges in the world which imitated its look.

To get up, you need to take an elevator which is located in one of the tower’s „legs“. The ride takes 45 seconds. The entry fee for the UFO sightseeing deck is 7,40 € but you don’t pay in case you visit the restaurant. Plus, you can avoid paying entry fee – and, on the contrary, get a free welcome drink!

When the elevator journey is over, you will get to a small reception from where a friendly lady will show you which stairs to take to go up to the deck. After a small walk, an open-air outlook place will appear in front of you.

This is where you wanted to be – 95 meters above ground! :D Grab your camera for all those photo opportunities!

View on the Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Old Town and Kamzik Tower in the very back (on top of the hill):

The view on the Danube, part of the Old Town and the Apollo Bridge:

Impressive view on Petržalka neighborhood:

Stunning view on the Danube with Austria in the back:

What will help you identify the buildings you see are the maps on the deck’s walls with colorful marks.

Spend some time in the restaurant, refresh yourself and enjoy the feeling of being „in the sky“ – how often do you get this kind of a chance? :)

Our personal recommendation is to visit the observing right deck before the sun set so you can see the city during the daylight first. Then check the restaurant and watch the sun set while having something tasty. And finally, once it gets dark, go back to the deck to see the city at night – a wonderful view!

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Author: Maria Kecsoova

full-time OPEN HOURS: Open daily: deck 10:00-23:00, restaurant 12:00-23:00, bar 10:00-23:00
cost TICKETS: The entry fee for the UFO sightseeing deck is 7.40 € (you don’t pay in case you visit the restaurant– you usually need a reservation for the restaurant, mainly during the weekends)
my-account ADDRESS: Most SNP
finished-work CONNECT: UFO restaurant


    • I’m amazed no one answered your question, but it’s a lift that’s not vertical so it’s an experience in its own right. The other unexpected surprise not mentioned in this article is the gent’s toilet – it’s like peeing into a shiny bucket while having a great view out over part of the city (the river I think), uplifting somehow…

  1. Please tell me about Tourist Train from Ship Docking to UFO Tower to & fro fares & availability.
    Is ti walking Distance as well? how far & time takes to walk from Ship Docking please.
    Please reply ASAP & obliged.

    • Hi there, if you come to Bratislava center by boat, it is a few minutes walking distance to the UFO tower – the port is right on the Danube bank :) Enjoy your stay!


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