The largest and finest, as well as one of the oldest churches in Bratislava in which Queen Maria Theresa was crowned. It is the second most popular tourist location in Bratislava. Its 85 m high spire dominates Old Town’s skyline. Make sure you visit its underground crypt with catacombs.


St. Martin’s Cathedral has its place at Rudnay Square. Our recommendation is to take the narrowest street of Bratislava – Baštová Street – which is next to Michael’s Tower, and go through the Kapitulská Street. Then you will have a wonderful walk among these colorful old buildings.

Take the Kapitulska street to get to the St. Martin's Cathedral   Take the Kapitulska street to get to the St. Martin's Cathedral

You will arrive to the cathedral from its back, passing this small winery.

A small inn near to the cathedral

The white part you are going to see is the reconstructed Chapel of St. John the Merciful where the remains of his body lie. The entrance to the cathedral will be on your right.

The Chapel of St. John the Merciful   St. Martin's Cathedral from the back


The cathedral is famous mostly as the coronation place of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830. It held 19 coronations and Queen Maria Theresa was one of the crowned people.

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It has the traditional crucifix shape. The windows under the church’s tower were adjusted to make the impression of original Gothic windows. You can admire some beautiful and huge altars here.

If you are a fan of classical music, you might find interesting that they played Beethoven‘s Missa solemnis for the first time in this church.

Make sure you don‘t miss the small gate to the Crypt with the catacombs. To get there, you need to take this staircase which on the first sight looks a bit scary but you will like what you will find down there so it is worth to take the stairs :)

Underground contains several crypts of which only two are open to visitors. Remains of archbishops, cardinals and heritable families’ members lie here.

St. Martin's Cathedral: The crypt

When you leave the church, take a walk around its nearby streets until you get to this main staircase (middle picture).

This way you will arrive to the beautiful Rudnay Square. We love how the park area around the church connects with the street where you can find many restaurants and cafes. It is a truly enjoyable spot to sit down and have a drink or a good glass of wine.

The beautiful Rudnay square

The beautiful Rudnay square

At this place you are just a few steps from the UFO bridge and a romantic walkway to the Castle :)

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