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Visiting Bratislava and wondering what to do/see here?
Living in the city and looking for tips on what’s currently going on?
Welcome to our blog then! We’ll point you in the right direction and introduce you to the must-see places and things to do – so you can experience the beauty of our city fully.


Maria and Zuzana, two Slovak girls who moved to Bratislava over 10 years ago, met at work and became best friends. This city is our home. Visiting places, taking photos, trying new things and writing about all this is our passion – we fill these pages with our life, adventures and personal tips. You’ll also find here reviews on restaurants and cafes, galleries and museums, tips for night life, social events and basically everything we find interesting and worth of experiencing.



An adventurous positive thinker with a can-do attitude who likes to be around similarly minded people, is fond of travelling and has a thing for Italy. Starting this blog and trying to make it more interesting every day has become my passion. When I’m not with my laptop or camera, I like to hang out with friends and organize social events. When I want to switch off, I read, play piano or do yoga. I love exploring and gaining all sorts of inspiration. Some of the things on my current wish list are learning Italian, learning horse riding and visiting Tuscany.

My soulmate whom her close friends call Fifi. She has a gift of making friends instantly – she charms everybody with her smile and personality, is a lot of fun to be around, bakes the best muffins and makes the best cocktails! Who wouldn’t want to be a friend with such a person, right? :D I like her also because we are very similar in thinking and looking at the world.. and literally often have the same thoughts. Sometimes people even think we are sisters – because we both are blond and have big eyes – and actually she really is like my sister – but it would be more because she knows me inside out, we’ve experienced so many things together.. and I know I can trust her and rely on her 24/7. If I can reveal something personal about Fifi, it is that she gives names to everything – her dog, her car but also her camera :D



My name is Zuzana and when you get into the Circle of Trust, you can call me Fifi as my friends do. I was once told that I look like Donna from Beverly Hills (it was not meant to be a compliment). Several years ago I discovered I feel like an onion, having too many layers of moods and features. I can be very active, easy-going, funny, crazy and social but also lazy, moody and serious. Pick the right day to meet me: D I believe in the potential of human mind and power of positive thinking. When I get angry at people, I try to imagine them with angel wings. Crossfit and books are my passion. One day I will conquer the Spartan Race Beast for sure! I like travelling, vexillology and baking. I cannot sing but like to do so. What I lack in singing, I make up for in dancing. I am not scared of trying new things and living my life to the fullest. I have lived in California, China and Denmark but missed Slovakia too much and decided to return. When Maria approached me with the idea to join her in blogging, my response was Hell Yeah!


Maria is like a Barbie. Now seriously, she is much better than that because she is not just gorgeous, but also smart, active, open-minded, positive-thinking and giving. Maria’s day has 30 hours on average. She manages so many things, I am perplexed how she does it! I admire her for her busy schedule, dedication and managing it all with ease, be it event organizing events for expats, blogging, networking or yoga. Nothing is impossible for her. She is extremely social and I can honestly say she knows half of Bratislava (and the other half knows her). She is a strong and independent woman who believes in romance and magic in the world. 100% human-loving altruist and a restless optimist. Her friends and family are on the first place for her. Just keep the pets away :) Secret info: she has a special power… to fall asleep standing (this has been proven and witnessed) and not even nuclear missiles would wake her up then :)


Our webpage gets better and better also thanks to people who volunteeringly like to help us with their writing, photography skills and various tips. We are happy and very grateful that these fantastic people have become part of our team:


Evka is kind of a hedonist. Simply loves those lazy Saturdays when you go just for an afternoon coffee with friends and all of a sudden you find yourself in a film club or a gallery, and go home after midnight with an empty wallet but a happy belly filled with good dinner or some nice drinks :) She lives in Bratislava for more than 8 years now, so already having some favorite places there. But it always cheers her up when some new spots are opened and the last few years there have been so many that still need to be explored! Writing for WelcomeToBratislava helps her to pretend that all the hedonist things she does are for a sake of something higher – to help visitors see how cool Bratislava can be if you know where to go!



For Nika, Bratislava is her real home since she grew up here. She is totally in love with the city but she’s always been passionate about exploring another parts of the world. So after the high school she decided to turn her passion into reality and currently Nika is studying Tourism management in Denmark. She had a chance to live in Italy for 3 months where she felt in love with their cuisine and culture. Travelling and getting to know another people as well as their culture is what she loves the most. Her dream is to help Bratislava to be recognized among tourists, and she believes that by writing for WelcomeToBratislava her dream might come true.



Martina works in the human resources area as a business partner and training & development specialist. In her free time she is devoted to photography and tries to capture emotional moments in people’s lives. Her favorite photography genres are reportage, event and street photography. She always looks for a story in the pictures because the story is the essence. And we love her work, that’s why we feature it in many of our articles :) Martina is a healthy life style enthusiast, she motivates others to keep moving and be healthy via her Facebook page Trénerka Maťka and she works part time as a fitness trainer, too.



Roberto works in the administrative area and in his free time he’s fond of travelling and getting to know new places with his camera in hands. He is a big fan of Slovak cuisine, especially the meals prepared by his girlfriend. His dream is to inspire and to be an example of a good person – just as those people he likes to meet and make friends with. He’s a talented photographer who takes some of the most stunning pictures (not only) of our beautiful Bratislava – which we love to publish in our articles and social media.



Credits to all these beautiful photos go to our good friend and photographer Martina who dedicated a half day for us in her busy schedule. Mati, you’re the best!

PS: If you have any comments or suggestions on topics to write about, please do share!

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Enjoy the reading :)

Maria & Zuzana

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