Ever wanted to see an infinite space? And have you wondered what can be done with mirrors in a simple room? Multium – space and mirror gallery will introduce you to a world of magic through its six optical illusions. Now you can feel like Alice in Wonderland without the need to climb through the mirror :)


Multium gallery stands on Zamocka Street that leads downhill from the castle. An ideal spot to visit if you are done with the “must-see things”. It is quite easy to spot its big windows and a big silver banner with MULTIUM inscription nestled between a grocery store “Moja samoska” and charming truffle place “Adams home-made chocolate.”



Firstly, here is some practical information. It is necessary to book your visit in advance for a specific time. Once you arrive, the receptionist checks your reservation and seats you on a sofa in the reception area. You get a map with the illusions and instructions  (also in English language) what to do/not to do with the particular exhibit or warnings (some might cause dizziness). Visitors are allowed to start with the tour in specific intervals, in order to make sure that there are no “traffic jams” and you can fully enjoy each exhibit.


The gallery has two floors with three illusions on each floor. Simple white walls remind us more of an office than a gallery but it is more important what you find “behind the door of each room” or “in the hole” as not all of them have doors!

The expositions are quite compact but what is more important – the standing platforms from which you view the expositions are really tiny. We preferred to enter the rooms one by one and the second person rather waited for their turn in the meantime.



The basic element which creates an illusion of infinity is two mirrors positioned opposite each other on opposing walls. When we add more mirrors, for example on the ceiling or the floor, the impressions created expand into another dimension. This way we can play with mirrors in a three-dimensional space and create various effects and illusions of infinity. And this is exactly what this gallery does!

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You will see six various illusions in six separate spaces:

  • Caminus
  • Passus
  • Tabularium
  • Spiramentum
  • Universum
  • Sphaera

As each exhibit has its name and its own dedicated space, to enter it means to accept the game for  the eyes and the fantasy. The exhibits alternate the light moods, patterns, ornaments, movements. They create a space for meditation and for amazement.


The author Tomas Hatrak says he is no artist and had not originated this idea. He got inspired by the works of other artists, for example by Japanese Yayoi Kusama or Matej Kren whose work you can see in the Palffy Palace.


The music accompanying the exhibits was a great plus, creating magical atmosphere. In general, we liked the effects, especially the Universum illusion wowed us. On the other hand, we were leaving the place with a feeling that it was all somewhat too organized and quick. It took us around 20 minutes to see all of the exhibits and take the pictures. Before we knew it, the tour was over. We leave it up to you to judge if an entry fee of 5 € per person is worth a 15-20 minute experience. As for us, we were glad to have the chance to see it and to have a glimpse of a magical world.

You can see all of the illusions in this video:

Author: Zuzana Mytna

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